Aug 27, 2005

Statistics of ADHD

  • 5 - 12% of all children have an attention deficit disorder.

  • Boys are diagnosed more than girls. For every 3 - 4 boys diagnosed, only 1 girl is.

  • ½ of all students with AD/HD also have a learning disability.

  • 25% of all students with ADHD have a learning disability in math.

  • 65% have problems with written expression.

  • 30% have trouble with spelling.

  • 2/3 of students have at least one additional condition: depression, anxiety or learning disability.

  • Over ½ of students with ADHD have at least one parent with it.

  • About 1/3 of students also have a sibling with the same diagnosis.

  • 75 - 90% of kids with AD/HD are helped by medication.

  • Written expression is the most common (65%) learning problem among students with AD/HD

  • --A Bird’s Eye View of Life with ADD and ADHD by Chris A. Zeigler Dendy & Alex Zeigler.

  • 666,780 students in public schools in SC

  • 91,801 students have an IEP

  • 40,971 students have a Learning Disability (4.63%)


      • Up to 30 - 50% fo children with ADHD may be retained in a grade at least once.
      • As many as 35% of ADHD adolescents may fail to complete high school.
      • Adolescents with ADHD have nearly four times as many auto accidents.
      ---The ADD/ADHD Checklist by Sandra Rief, M.A.

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