Oct 25, 2005

Best (and worst) after school activities for children with ADHD

Sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what would best suit your child with ADHD. So far we've tried soccer, baseball and boy scouts with our son. None proved to be successful. He couldn't stay focused and soon became bored with the sports. They just weren't fast paced enough for him. Boy scouts was so involved that he just couldn't keep up. Now, we're about to begin another endeavor....basketball. We'll see how it goes since it is a little more fast paced. Below are some links related to this topic that may help you on your quest for the right activities for your child. Good luck!
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  2. ADDitude Magazine article
  3. ADHD Info site
  4. Mental Health Matters
  5. Why do kids quite sports?
  6. One mother's story


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