May 31, 2006

The Good News about ADHD

We've all heard the negatives about children that suffer from ADD & ADHD. Well, here are a few statistics that bring good news for a change...

  • 30% of children with ADHD no longer have the disorder as a teen
  • 68% do not run away from home
  • 87% graduate high school
  • 87% do not engage in multi-drug use
  • 66% do not abuse alcohol
  • 65% of boys and 86% of girls do not develop a drug abuse disorder
  • 60% who smoke cigarettes quit by adulthood
  • 80% of teens do not engage in criminal behavior
  • 63% of adults with ADHD do not engage in criminal activities

All statistics were taken from "The ADD & ADHD Answer Book" by Susan Ashley, PH.D., 2005.

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