Jul 22, 2006

My son recently spent 1 1/2 weeks with his grandmother and grandfather. They live three hours away from us and he had an absolutely wonderful time. When his dad and I went to pick him up we discovered that his grandmother had taken it upon herself to change the dosage of his ADHD medication (Focalin) while he was there. His current dosage is 3 pills (10mg each) a day. She decided that he only needed 1/2 pill twice a day! She said that he seemed to be fine with the lower dose. I then carefully explained to her (as she is my mother-in-law)that there was a perfectly good reason for that. At her house he is the center of attention. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants. However, at our house things are much different. He has his 5 year old brother to contend with, he has tutoring to go to, day camp to attend, etc. Therefore, circumstances require the medication dosage that his doctor prescribed. The reason I am sharing this story is this... if you have an ADHD child going away to grandma's for a visit, you may want to address this issue before it happens.

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