Sep 6, 2006

New year... new worries

As the new school year begins I proceed with fear, worry & dread. I'm afraid that my son's teacher won't fully understand his ADHD and LD. Will she know how much harder he works than the other children? Will she know he needs to be able to get up out of his seat often? Will she understand him as well as his teacher did last year? While my son is full of excitement about the promise the new year brings, I have all of these questions going through my head. I started the school year off by sending a letter to his teacher the second day of school. I just wanted to introduce my son to her before any problems arose. So far things are going okay. She hasn't exactly followed his IEP, but we're working on that. Today I received the SchwabLearning newsletter that such an appropriate article in it. It is entitled "Raising a Teacher's Awareness about LD and AD/HD -- Parents as Educators." It speaks specifically to the concerns that I, and I'm sure other parents are having. I wanted to share it with you for that reason. To read it go here. Best wishes for you and your child this year!

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