Feb 15, 2007

Dyslexia, Dysgraphia & Dyscalculia...the three "D's" of Learning Disabilities

My son happens to have all three of the "D's" of learning disabilities, so I am all to familiar with them. However, many people are not. They are dyslexia (reading problems), dysgraphia (writing problems) and dyscalculia (math problems). I recently learned that approximately 10% of the population have learning disabilities. I came across this post that explains them all in layman's terms. The NCLD (National Center for Learning Disabilities) is also an excellent resource to learn more about each.


  1. my son has all the D's too. Thanks for the info.

  2. WOW could I have used this when my sons were younger. I remember getting the first diagnosis in the 4th grade and feeling so so lost. It's great that you're doing this. You might want to check out LDONLINE hrrp://www.ldonline.org too. I love it.

  3. Shane, thanks for you back-channel note. You may want to check LDBlog.com, as that's where I maintain some info on Learning Disabilities that could be of interest to you.


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