Mar 5, 2007

"Lucky Horseshoes" a book about ADHD for kids *Update*

I have recently come across a book series that focuses on children's mental health issues. The second book in the Iris the Dragon book series focuses on ADHD specifically. This book is entitled Lucky Horseshoes. Why was this book series started? This is how their website answers that question: "After one of her children was diagnosed with a mental illness, author of Iris the Dragon series, Gayle Grass, was determined to educate caregivers and children about the necessity of early identification and treatment of mental disorders. Using the medium of a children’s storybook, author Gayle Grass has been able to communicate her message to children and caregivers worldwide. To learn more about author Gayle Grass’ story, read more here." The site goes on to give more background information about Iris the Dragon Inc.: ". . . is an educational publishing company. We offer a series of illustrated children’s books and educational resources that deal with the topic of children’s mental health. Believed to be the first of its kind in its approach to educating caregivers and children about mental illness, Iris the Dragon Inc. has been successful with its products in beginning a dialogue with children about what often can be a difficult topic." While I have yet to read this book I am excited about it none the less. It's encouraging to know that authors are taking an interest in educating children, and others, about this all important diagnosis. This book is available for purchase through their website store. If you have had the opportunity to view this book please let me know. I'd love to read your review of it.

Updated to add: This is a portion of an email I received from the publisher regarding this post...

Thank you Shane for passing on the word about Iris the Dragon Inc. We are asmall company taking on a big message to spread to people. Our books havesurvived on word of mouth and your efforts are greatly appreciated.Thanks again and keep in touch.

Jessica Grass

Marketing/Educational Outreach Manager

Iris the Dragon Inc.

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  1. The following is is an email I received from the author of "Lucky Horseshoes".....

    Hi Shane,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We are all working together to give
    our children the best quality of life that they deserve.

    Your efforts are an incredible help also. Keep up the good work.


    Gayle Grass


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