Mar 17, 2007

Misunderstood Minds: the documentary

"When you're a kid, school is your career. And if you go out of business in school, if your business goes bankrupt, if you're not having any success, you're left with almost nothing. You are poverty-stricken. Where do you go from there?"

-- Dr. Mel LevineFounder, All Kinds of Minds

Misunderstood Minds is a documentary that originally aired on PBS in March 2002. Funding for the documentary was provided by (one of my favorite websites). Here is what the Misunderstood Minds website has to say about the documentary.

"For one in five students, learning is an exhausting and frustrating struggle. Often mistakenly called "lazy" or "stupid" by their teachers, classmates, and even their families, these children may be suffering from debilitating learning problems. If not addressed, the problems can have a devastating impact on the students' self-esteem and future academic and social success. The PBS documentary Misunderstood Minds shines a spotlight on this painful subject, following the stories of five families as, together with experts, they try to solve the mysteries of their children's learning difficulties. Produced and directed by renowned Frontline filmmaker Michael Kirk, this 90-minute special shows the children's problems in a new light, and serves as a platform to open a nationwide dialogue on how best to manage young, vulnerable, and misunderstood minds. "

The website offers an amazing wealth of information and resources on attention, organization, reading, writing, and mathematics problems. You can also order a copy of the documentary here if you'd like.

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