Apr 21, 2007

In Memory of Ellen Kingsley

Ellen Kingsley, the founder of ADDitude Magazine, succumbed to breast cancer on March 8, 2007. She fought the disease for twenty years. She was an award winning journalist before leaving her career to research treatments that would help her ADHD son. She created the ADDitude website in 1998. Then, two years later, the ADDitude Magazine followed. I have been an avid reader of ADDitude since my own son was diagnosed with ADHD and LD in 2003. In her honor, the magazine has established the Ellen Kingsley Award for ADHD Advocacy. Thank you, Mrs. Kingsley, for your diligent work in this field. You have helped countless others navigate the sometimes trecherous waters of ADHD. May God bless you and your family.

Ellen Kingsley

1951 - 2007


  1. she was indeed a pioneer and the world could do with more women like her!
    nice post.

  2. I am shocked and saddened to learn of Ellen's death. I worked with her at WUSA-TV in Washington DC back in the '80's; she was a first-class consumer reporter whose many awards were well deserved. I didn't know about her work with ADHD, but I'm sure she approached it with the same energy and sense of mission that earned her so much respect as a television journalist. Thanks for recognizing her achievments and noting her passing.
    -- MJ Vilardi

  3. 8-8 07 I just decided to google Ellen Kingslys name to see if there was any news about her. I knew that she had had to drop out of her job a publisher for Additude Mag. a few years ago. I am very sad that she could not beat this breast cancer diease. I know she leaves two boys behind as well. She gave a tremendous amount of help to everyone with or concerned with AD/HD. She will be sorely missed by everyone she touched. Anonymous

  4. My name is Theodore Hirschfeld, I am ellen's son. I would like to say thank you for you're wonderful comments...right now the day is close..to remembering the day she died.

    I miss her so much...I suppose I'm not the only one *smiles*


  5. My name is Jacqui Mooney, I met Ellen and Bob in DC where they went on to hire me as Teddy`s nanny and made me part of there wonderful family, I moved to Texas with them, I will always cherish there kindness to me.I am deeply saddned to learn of Ellen`s passing.You all were a very big part of my life.


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