Jul 8, 2007

Temperment or Learning Disabilitiy?

Can you distinguish "temperament traits" from a learning disability? Did you know that one affects the other? To test your knowledge, take SchwabLearning's five question quiz. Then, read their in depth article, "Your Child’s Temperament: Some Basics" by Nancy Firchow, M.L.S. In the article she describes in detail the nine temperament traits. She notes that:

When a child’s natural behavior doesn’t fit with what is expected, social, family, or academic problems may arise. For a child with an identified learning disability (LD) or behavior issues, her particular temperament may help her achieve success more easily or it may compound her difficulties.

The following links also offer other resources on this topic:

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    1. Hi Shane :)

      Just stopping by your blog to say hello. My 8 yr old son has a non-verbal learning disability, is primarily inattentive/impulsive type ADHD, and is gifted in verbal processing and reasoning etc.

      I love your blog and will visit often as we are both on a similar journey - learning all that we can to be the best advocate that we can for our children.

      Best wishes to you on your journey - hope we can swap stories and offer support to one another as we go :)



    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love comments and feedback!