Jul 7, 2007

Does your child need an ADHD Coach?

ADHD coaches help their clients learn how their ADHD affects them. They also help them discover their personal strengths and accentuate them. They can also help in the areas of time management, recognizing social cues, how best to handle challenges, etc.

Here is a more comprehensive list of what an ADHD coach can help you do, taken from ADDitude magazine,

  1. pay attention to goals long enough to complete them

  2. learn ways to self-motivate and stay on task

  3. envelop strength-based structures in your life to help you stay on track

  4. develop rituals and routines that you will use and stick with

  5. use feedback more effectively

  6. be a better self-observer

  7. make lasting changes in your life

  8. learn to live a more balanced life

  9. develop strategies to follow-through on projects

  10. learn to measure and to use time efficiently

  11. be more effective in your personal, academic and/or professional life

  12. increase self-awareness

  13. identify barriers to progress and strategies to move past them

  14. be a better self-advocate

  15. learn how to minimize your challenges and maximize your strengths

  16. decrease self-blame and low-self esteem

  17. increase self-acceptance

  18. stop procrastinating and be in action towards identified goals

  19. be more proactive and less reactive

  20. live a richer, fuller life.

To find an ADHD coach in your area, try these links:

Keep in mind, however, that many ADHD coaches will provide their services over the phone. Therefore, you could find the coach that best suits your child regardless of their location.


  1. I often thought about adding this nich focus to my coaching business. I am a certified coach and my son has adhd so it seems like it would be a natural niche to develop - had no idea there were associations for this type of thing though. Thanks for posting this info!


  2. I also have a large ADD Coach Directory on my site at www.addconsults.com

    Terry Matlen, ACSW
    Director, ADD Consults

  3. Thank you for letting me know. I have added your directory to the list in the above post.


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