Aug 8, 2007

What about the siblings of LD children?

Have you ever wondered what the sibling of an LD child goes through? What do they think? How does it affect them? My LD sons' brother is only six years old right now. So, he isn't fully aware of his brother's difficulties. However, I know that as they both age it will become more evident.

You can read one sister's diary entry about her experience of being a sibiling of an LD child. Schwab Learning also has an article entitled Learning Disabilities and Sibling Issues. The Integra Resource Center, located in Tornoto, offers a free downloadable brochure that also give valuable information on this issue.

Have you also wondered how to best describe your child's learning disability to his/her sibling? How much or little detail should you go into? The National Center for Learning Disabilities offers help with this as well. Schwab Learning also has an article entitled Talking with Family about Your Child’s Learning Disability offers advice on how to best tell siblings and other family members about your child's learning disability.

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