Jul 15, 2007

Would you like to participate in an ADHD research study?

ADHD research studies take place all across the country. These studies are necessary and provide valuable information. These studies would not be possible without willing participants of course. Children and adults with ADHD are required to obtain the necessary data the researchers are looking for. Often, the participants are compensated for their time and travel. Here are some of the studies currently taking place in the U.S. If you're interested in obtaining more information about possibly volunteering, click on the link to get more information. Also, remember that just because a study is not in your geographic area does not mean you can not participate. Many studies can take place via phone, internet or mail.

In addition to the above studies, CHADD has compiled a list of ADHD studies that includes city, state, date of study, the name of the study, and contact information if you are interested in participating. However, before deciding on which research study to participate in I encourage you to read Schwab Learning's article entitled Ingredients of Good Research. It offers sound advice and explains commonly used research terms that you are likely to encounter. You will also find a few "points to remember" which provides relevant questions to ask during the evaluation process.

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