Jan 28, 2008

Great Schools acquires Schwab Learning content

In October 2007, I wrote a post about SchwabLearing.com's decision to close their website. The majority of their content has been acquired by GreatSchools.net.

It is our pleasure to announce that SchwabLearning.org will continue to be available to our users through GreatSchools.net, a San Francisco-based nonprofit dedicated to helping parents make informed choices, become actively involved in their kids’ education, and advocate for high-quality teaching and learning.

--Great Schools

Most features and articles that were available on Schwab Learning will remain available, for free, at Great Schools. These include:

  • Articles (including those in Spanish)
  • Publications
  • Resources (e.g., the listing of books, videos, websites)
  • Assistive Technology database
  • Guide to Getting Help
  • Summer Camp database

However, a few of the familiar features will not be continued on the new site. The Parents message board, "my page" feature, and the events calendar will all be discontinued. For more information about about the transition, the new site's features and answers to other questions, visit Great Schools' transition FAQ's page.

In addition to acquiring the Schwab Learning content, Great Schools is a resourceful and information site on it's own. It was founded in 1998 by Bill Jackson, a former teacher. The site's mission is: To improve K-12 education by inspiring parents to get involved.

They do this by helping parents:

  • Choose the best schools for their child
  • Support your child's education
  • Improve schools in your community

I recently used this site when my family and I relocated to another state. The site was quite helpful in helping me choose a school that I felt best suited my ADHD/LD son's needs. The provide an invaluable service that I highly recommend you use when necessary. They also offer various eNewsletters that you can request for free. Or, if you would missed past issues of Schwab Learning's original newsletters, you can access them at the site as well.

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