Feb 22, 2008

Does Your ADHD or LD Child Need a Tutor? *Updated*

My ADHD/LD son has struggled in school since kindergarten. He was receiving resource help at school and I would help him for hours at home. However, he still wasn't grasping the concepts that were being taught. It soon became apparent that he could benefit from a tutor. But, how in the world would I find one? One that was familiar with the challenges an ADHD/LD child faces? Initially we tried Sylvan Learning Center. After many months and hundreds of dollars, he was no better off. Our next step was to hire a private tutor. She provided one-on-one tutoring in our home. He enjoyed his time with her and she helped him tremendously with the work he was doing in school. However, she found it difficult to keep him caught up with his work. Finally, we found a program called STRIDES. This was a local program when we lived in South Carolina. They are a non-profit organization that helped my son in math and reading like no one before. It was one-on-one for two hours per week. They starting teaching him from where he was academically, not where he should be academically. I have found a few articles on the web about this subject. If you're facing the same issues regarding tutors, you may want to take a look at these links:

*Updated 2/22/08 to add:

Today I came across another article that I wanted to share with you as well. It is entitled Decided to Get a Tutor? Questions You Should Ask and can be found on the GreatSchools website. The article answers ten very important questions regarding tutoring. They also offer a wonderful resource entitled Tutoring and Homework Help. They have covered virtually every aspect of tutoring and homework. Check it out!

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  1. Another option for school support is coaching. There's a new organization called The Edge Foundation (www.edgefoundation.org) that provides scholarships for high school and college aged students. Plus they screen and train their coaches to be sure they understand the special needs of children with ADHD (most coaches are trained to coach adults.)


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