Apr 20, 2008

Using Think Sheets to Improve Behavior

It is pretty much inevitable that you will eventually encounter negative behavior from your ADHD/LD child (or any other child for that matter). There are numerous ways to teach your child that his behaviors are not acceptable. You may have tried talking, grounding, behavior modifications worksheets, etc. Have you tried a think sheet?

I read an article on Sue's Education Blog at About.com today about discipline. She suggested using think sheets. I had never hear of these and was compelled to finish her article. What a great idea! She provides links to free printable sheets that can be used to make your child accountable for his actions. The sheet gives your child the opportunity to write down incorrect behavior, tell what he did and then tell what he will do differently the next time. There is even a place for your child to sign his name at the bottom to make it official.

Here are the links to print off your own sheets:

  1. Behavior think sheet
  2. Fixing broken rules sheet
  3. Becoming a problem solver sheet

You may want to accompany these think sheets with goal setting sheets as well. Sue also provides a link to these on her blog as well.

  1. Setting goals worksheet #1
  2. Setting goals worksheet #2
  3. Setting goals worksheet #3

Thanks, Sue, for the great resources you've provided!

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  1. Excellent idea. Especially with children that tend to be impulsive and not think through actions.


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