May 19, 2008

Encourage Your Teen to Read with Free Books

Is your ADHD/LD teen a reluctant reader? Wondering how you can encourage her to read a few good books over the summer break? How does getting the book for free and then having the opportunity to voice your opinion about what was read? We all know how teens like to be heard!

Below are three publishers that offer free and/or advance copies of their books just for letting them know what you thought of the book.

Keep in mind, these opportunities are for teens. I think it would be a great if they also offered the same opportunity to those in the tween age group as well. They have a lot to say too. I think they need a voice in what is being offered to them in the reading arena. I just might have to look into that. Be watching for an updated post on this subject in the near future!

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  1. awesome idea. I will definitely check it out; my son used to love reading, the older he gets, the less interested he becomes.


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