May 7, 2008

Moving? Need to find a new school for your ADHD/LD child?

This past December my family and I relocated from South Carolina to Virginia. My very first concern, before even finding a house, was locating a school for my ADHD/LD son. It did not matter where the school was located in our new city, as long as it would suit his needs. During my search, I came across a wonderful website that helped find the perfect school for him. It is called Great Schools.

When decided to close their web doors, Great Schools was the lucky recipient of the bulk of their content. So, not only can they help you find your child a perfectly suited school, they have a wealth of information about parenting issues as well as ADHD and LD issues.

You can search their vast database by school type: elementary, middle and high. Or, you can search "top rated schools in your city," schools in a specific district, or search nationwide. They provide all of the pertinent information about the school you choose including test scores, demographics, parent reviews, etc. In addition, they also provide a rating on a scale of 1 - 10.

I found this site to be especially helpful in locating my son's new school. We identified the school that we wanted him to attend and then found a house in that school's district. I have no regrets about the school we chose. The reviews I read on Great Schools were accurate and we couldn't be more satisfied.


  1. Glad great schools helped. Please remember that your son is not ADHD/LD but rather he as ADHD and a learning disability. It is easy to let disabilities define us. While a disability greatly effects who we are it is not or should not be who we are.

  2. Hi there,

    I'm so glad you found me and left me a comment. I look forward to sharing motherhood of an ADHD child with you. :)



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