Jul 8, 2008

Schwab Learning content moves to Great Schools

As many of you are aware, Schwab Learning announced last year that their website would no longer be accessible after January 1, 2008. Their content was offered, and accepted by, GreatSchools.net. I am happy to announce that all of the content from Schwab Learning has now made it's way to the Great Schools website. Below is more information about this as it was delivered in the Great Schools newsletter.

"Dear Friends:

I’m pleased to announce that all 400+ SchwabLearning.org articles are now available in their new home — the Learning Difficulties section on GreatSchools.net!

The dedicated team at GreatSchools has worked hard to make this a smooth transition. The Learning Difficulties section includes navigation and categories similar to what you’re already familiar with on SchwabLearning.org.

Effective July 15, anyone who visits SchwabLearning.org will automatically be redirected to the Learning Difficulties section on GreatSchools.net (SchwabLearning.org will no longer be available). Be sure to bookmark the Learning Difficulties section as your new, go-to resource for learning difficulties information and support. For more information, please see our Transition FAQs.

Moving Ahead: Content & Community

We’ll continue to send you the GreatSchools Helping Kids With Learning Difficulties newsletter, featuring new and updated articles, once a month. We’ve also assembled an LD advisory panel of topnotch experts to help us stay abreast of current trends and topics.

The Parent Community on GreatSchools.net continues to flourish. Two of our largest, most active groups are the Schwabbies and the Learning and Attention Difficulties group.

The SchwabLearning.org Message Board archive will be available on GreatSchools.net, to allow you to refer back to previous discussions. "

Schwab Learning was one of my very favorite ADHD and LD resources on the web. I am so thankful that their wonderful articles will continue to be accessible. If you haven't visited the Great Schools, I would highly encourage you to do so.

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