Aug 13, 2008

An Olympic Size Role Model

Michael Phelps is the US swimming sensation that is taking Beijing by storm. He has won multiple gold medals and hold multiple world records. He also has ADHD.

He was diagnosed in 1996, at the age of 9. His mother, Debbie Phelps, encouraged her young son and helped cultivate his love of swimming. He learned to over come his frustrations and develop self-discipline. He turned his hyperactivity in the classroom into amazing speed in the swimming pool. He is currently attending the University of Michigan and majoring in sports marketing.

I think he is a wonderful role model for our ADHD children. He can show them that ADHD is not a disability. He can encourage ADHD children to use their hyperactivity in a positive manner, just as he did.

To read more about Michael Phelps and his ADHD, visit the following links:

You may also want to visit Debbie Phelps ADHD Moms website as well as Michael's personal website.


  1. I didn't know this but it really is awesome!


  2. Something I have wondered about Phelps is if by any chance he is a Tactile/Kinestic (TK) learner. For many with ADHD their preferred learning channel is TK. Swimming or other water activities are often preferred by TK learners because the sensory experience of being in the water. Water can be very claming.

  3. Thanks, I had no idea. Talk about a succecs story!


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