Sep 27, 2008

Virginia Tech Player Succeeds in Spite of His Learning Disability

Since I live right in the midst of Hokie Country, I thought it only fitting to share this story...

Stephan Virgil, starting cornerback for Virginia Tech, was diagnosed in junior high with a learning disability. However, he hasn't let that hold him back. He is now a junior at VT and enjoying a successful season on the football field.
"It bothered me at first, but I don't let it bother me anymore. I know I need all the help I can get." -- Stephan Virgil

Last spring, when his teammates were attending spring training, Stephan attended tutoring sessions. He wanted to make sure he didn't have to watch football from the sidelines this fall because of his grades. Not only did this tutoring help him academically, it also improved his ability to learn and execute Coach Beamer's playbook.

"Now, Virgil isn't afraid to ask for help. Though he realizes learning is a series of hurdles for him, he recognizes everything he has to do to get over the obstacles." --Norm Wood


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