Oct 5, 2008

ADHD Resources in Canada

I recently received a question from a reader about ADHD support options in Canada. I must admit I was clueless. However, I did what I also do when faced with the unknown, I started researching. I figured {and hoped} that she was not my only Canadian reader. If that is the case, there must be more of you with the same question. Below is what I found:
These sites offer information, professionals, support groups and other resources specific to Canadians. I have also added these sites to the right hand column under the heading "Resources Outside of the U.S." for future reference. I hope these sites help you locate exactly what you are looking for!


  1. Do you know of any clinics in Toronto who specialize in treating ADHD?


  2. There's another organization called CADDRA. It's primarily for ADHD clinicians and researchers, but they post some very useful information on the website, including ADHD medications available in Canada, rating sheets, and more.

    They just held their annual conference (focusing on ADHD in children) in Toronto, and I think they might do another one in the spring (focusing on adults).



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