Oct 13, 2008

Utilizing Online Resources to Help with Homework

I recently wrote a two part story entitled Homework & Your ADHD/LD Child on Trusera. Since homework seems to be a major issue with so many ADHD & LD children, I have a few more tips to pass along.

My son all too often would forget his reading book at school. Some years I purchase an extra set of textbooks to keep at home in case this happens. However, that can be quite expensive. Another solution I found for this problem was utilizing my local library. Every single story that was in his school issued textbook was taken from an actual children's book. So... I would identify which stories his class would be reading in the next two or three weeks. Then, I would go to the library and the check out the actual books. This way, if he forgot his textbook, no problem!

Also, his school uses the Harcourt Trophies series of reading textbooks. This site offers a wonderful resource for student's to use at home. You can choose your child's grade level from kindergarten to sixth grade. {This is great because my two sons are in the second and fifth grade.} After choosing the appropriate grade level, you will find a multitude of learning options.

My sons find this site fun and entertaining. It much for fun that sitting down to do homework with pencil and paper. Don't get me wrong, they still complete their assignments. We use the online resources if they are having problems with a particular subject and it works wonders.

In the past, we have also utilized the Houghton Mifflin Education Place website as well. This site offers "textbook support materials" for every subject: reading, math, science, history and spelling. You will find an enormous amount of material to supplement what your child is learning at school. And again, my boys actually enjoy learning this way.

So, have your child bring home his textbooks. Take a quick look and see what company his school is using. Most textbooks will list their textbook support website at the bottom of the pages. If not, just do a search on the web. I bet you'll find a related website.


  1. I wanted to ask about what you think of using books on tape for ADHD?

  2. Jenn,
    I love books on tape. As a matter of fact, I have a post in the works on that very topic!

  3. Sometimes the IEP or 504 will mandate that a child be given an extra set of textbooks, so that one can be left at school, and one at home.

    Kayla Fay

  4. Another way to use online resources is to find info related to something that is intensely interesting to your child, then purchase or create unit studies. The idea behind unit studies is to teach math, science, reading, etc., by showing how all of these school subjects relate to your child's area of interest.

    For example, my brother-in-law (whom my wife and I homeschool) has ADD and is obsessed with cars. So we started teaching him using cars as the main topic. He learns math by learning to calculate gallons per mile, history by learning about Henry Ford, etc.

    I have more info about unit studies on my Homeschooling ADD Kids blog at http://homeschoolingaddkids.com/blog/


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