Jan 19, 2009

New Drug to Help Irritability in ADHD Children

The following is taken from the ADDitude Magazine website.

"Doctors are running tests on a modified version of the popular hypertension medication, Clonidine, to see how it affects children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD). The new version of the drug, named Clonicel, is designed specifically to treat ADHD and is typically prescribed along with a stimulant.

Because Clonicel specifically targets the body’s stress receptors it has a positive effect on a child’s general anxiety level. Clinical studies have shown the medication to reduce symptoms associated with ADHD in children, particularly irritability, emotional outbursts, mood swings, and insomnia.

Reported side effects were generally mild to moderate and no serious adverse effects were reported in the study.

Read more about Clonicel and the subjects of the study."

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  1. As a clinical social worker and a holistic nutritionist, I always encourage parents to look at their child's diet in addition to their medications. Sugar, caffeine, processed foods and even unidentified allergies can mimic a lot of the ADHD symptoms.

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