Jun 8, 2006

50 Ways to Say "Well Done!"

This list is taken from a book I've recently read, "Learning Disabilities: A to Z," by Connie Smith, Ph.D. and Lisa Strick. Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with encouraging comments and resort to using the old stand-by's...good job, great work, etc. I printed this list and posted it on our refrigerator for future reference. I hope it helps you as well.

  • Your hard work is paying off
  • You're on the right track
  • You made my day
  • How clever of you?
  • You're good at that
  • Much better!
  • I knew you could do it
  • A big improvement!
  • Now you have it
  • Beautiful!
  • Good idea
  • You haven't missed a thing
  • Good start
  • That's what I like to see!
  • A first-class job
  • The best yet
  • Good for you!
  • I'm proud of you
  • Way to go!
  • Very original
  • Super!
  • Coming along nicely
  • You're really on top of it
  • I'm impressed!
  • You must have been practicing
  • You've learned a lot
  • You remembered!
  • I really like that
  • Good try
  • Wow!
  • Look at you go
  • You're a hard worker
  • Congratulations!
  • Nice job
  • Good thinking
  • You did it yourself!
  • A new record!
  • You're almost there
  • That's it!
  • Couldn't have done it better myself
  • You're right on target
  • Yes!
  • You got it
  • Outstanding!
  • Good move
  • You've outdone yourself
  • A lot of effort went into that
  • Creative!
  • You're really applying yourself
  • Let's celebrate

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