Jun 27, 2006

Books for Children about ADHD & LD

I came across this list and wanted to share it. My 9 year old ADHD/LD son has actually read some of the books (indicated with an *). It encouraged him to learn that there are plenty of other kids just like him in the world. They helped explain his condition in kid-friendly terms as well. I hope they may be of help to your child too.

  • Putting on the Brakes, by Patricia Quinn and Judith Stern *
  • Jumping Johnny, by Michael Gordon *
  • First Star I See, by Jaye Andras Caffrey
  • Zipper, by Caroline Janover *
  • Slam Dunk, by Roberta Parker
  • ADHD Monitoring System, by David Rabiner
  • Eagle Eyes, by Jeanne Gehert *
  • Otto Learns About His Medicine, by Matthew Galvin *
  • Many Ways to Learn, by Judith Stern
  • How to do Homework Without Throwing Up, by Trevor Romain
  • The Don't Give Up Kid, by Jeanne Gehert
  • Keeping A Head in School: A Student’s Book About Learning Abilities and Learning Disorders, by Mel Levine
  • Full of Beans, by Chris Weaver
  • Trouble with School: A Family Story about Learning Disabilities, byKathryn Dunn and Allison Dunn
  • What Do You Mean I Have A Learning Disability, by Kathleen Dwyer *

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