Jun 17, 2006

Vacations and your ADHD child

Our family is heading out tomorrow for our annual vacation. We will be spending one week at the beach. We love this week of togetherness and enjoy spending it by the water. However, vacations can sometimes be a little harder for our ADHD child. Since there is no structure or routine, he's a little lost. As I've posted previously, he takes his medication year round, without any "breaks" during the summer. However, simply being out of his familiar surroundings and away from his daily schedule is an obstacle. I've found a few articles on the web pertaining to this issue and wanted to share them. Surely we're not the only family who faces this problem, right?

Happy Vacationing!!

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  1. Nice site Shane and information on how to prepare your children for going on vacation - and transitioning them from the regular routine.

    Keep it up and thanks for sharing!


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