Jun 14, 2006

A Father's Role in Parenting an ADHD or LD Child

In honor of Father's Day, I wanted to post a few links to some information you can find on the web about a father's role in parenting a child with ADHD or LD. Dads often times view situations in a totally different light than mothers. This can be helpful in dealing with your ADHD and/or LD child. Dads share a unique relationship with their child(ren) under normal circumstances. When you put ADHD or LD into the equation, the relationship tends to become even more unique. After all, parenting (fathering) a child with a disability is usually more difficult. Below are a few links that further explore the importance of the father/ADHD or LD child relationship. I hope you find them useful.

A few books on this subject:

Happy Father's Day!!

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