Jun 11, 2006

ADHD Medication & Summertime

Many parents struggle with the issue of whether to continue their child's ADHD medication during the summer or to "give them a break." My husband and I have found it best for our child if he takes his medication (Focalin XR) 365 days a year. He has also expressed to us that when he doesn't take it, he doesn't "feel right." He realizes that he has problems controlling his impulses, paying attention and staying focused without it. Therefore, for him, taking his medication daily is of utmost importance. He will be participating in various activities this summer like: vacation bible school, two week-long day camps, vacation, and just playing with friends. We want him to enjoy each activity to the fullest and believe he can only do so with the help of his medicine. Since he takes 3 doses a day (10 mg each) it is often inconvenient. However, the minor inconvenience far out weighs the positive results. If you are struggling with this same issue, you may want to review a few of the articles below. Best wishes for a safe and happy summer for you and your child!

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