Feb 8, 2007

3-D Learner Systems

I recently came across this website and wanted to share it with you. They offer a free online test to see if your child may be a visual-experiential learner. If, according to this test, your child is found to be this type of learner, they offer a large list of possible tips/tricks to help him. They also offer a free online teleclass as well. Granted you also have the option of purchasing their products, I learned something just from the free assessment.

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  1. Shane, it's great that you're out and about on the Web finding sites. I found this one, too. When I found the 3D site, though, I was pretty disappointed. In fact, I wrote a post on LD Blog


    about it last summer. In addition to the concern about testimonials (which you mention, too) I was concerned that the site
    * Recommended unproven interventions.
    * Promoted the "quiz" without concern about its reliability and validity.
    * Did not report research about LD.

    I was disappointed with it.



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