Apr 26, 2007

Is your child struggling to read? Eight ways you can help.

My son has had trouble reading from the get go. The summer between his kindergarten and first grade years, I enrolled him at Sylvan Learning Center. He went all summer long, twice a week. They would send "sight words" home with him to practice. He couldn't even remember which sounds the letters made, much less read the word. So, after several thousand dollars and an entire summer, he was no better off. A few months into his first grade year he was formally diagnosed with three learning disabilities, dyslexia being one. He has had a reading tutor ever since. I wish I had known earlier (when he was in kindergarten) how to help him. It was obvious that he was struggling to read I just didn't know what to do. All of that being said, Reading Rockets has an informative article on just that. The article is entitled Seeking Help for a Struggling Reader: 8 Steps for Parents. It will guide you through the entire process...from finding out if your child needs help to supporting your child at home. If your child is struggling to read, this article is a must read.


  1. Hi Shane! My name is Julie and I am a special education teacher from the Philippines. I stumbled upon your site from someone who has photo hunters and had you in her blog roll. I like your site, it is very informative. Is it ok if we exchange links?

  2. Our story is similar. Proper evaluation and diagnosis and the kind of teaching method really makes a difference.


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