Apr 16, 2007

Newly Diagnosed with ADHD.... now what?

When my son's diagnosis of ADHD came in July 2003 my husband and I knew nothing about the condition. What exactly is ADHD? Will he out grow in? Is it hereditary? Can it be treated? What is the best treatment? Etc...... Our minds were just swirling with tons of questions and few answers. His doctor explained it the best he could, but the medical jargon made it difficult to fully comprehend. We soon found two indispensable tools....the internet and our local library. We searched and scoured the internet for any information we could find. It was a long, arduous process. However, ADDitude magazine has compiled all of the necessary information for the newly diagnosed into a concise, easily understandable, well organized page. Some topics of discussion are: symptoms, description, myths, treatment, and stigma. There is also an area to sign up for the free newsletter. I can also highly recommend their magazine. I have subscribed to it for 3+ years now. I gladly await each bi-monthly issue and am never disappointed by its contents.

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  1. i read additude online and i get another south african quarterly magazine from adhasa as well.
    my son was diagnosed in 1998 and i am still researching the disorder!
    without online friends and support groups i dunno what i would have done- south africans aren't big on talking aobut their problems.


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