Apr 17, 2007

Summer Survival Kit - Update

With the school year quickly coming to an end, SchwabLearning.com has organized what they are calling the "Planning for Summer 2007 kit." It is a resource full of useful information for the long months of summer to come. They offer advice on topics such as:

  • The right mix of learning & leisure
  • Exploring summer camps
  • Easing kids into summer
  • Top 3 parent projects
  • 25 fun ways to encourage summer reading
  • Helping your child find a passion
  • Helping your teen find a summer job

I hope you take a minute (or thirty) to head on over and check out their "kit." I have briefly browsed around but I can already see that it will be a valuable resource for getting through the summer.

Updated to add: I came across another related article at ADDitudeMag.com.

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  1. thank goodness our school holidays are relatively short in south africa!


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