Jun 1, 2007

ADHD & Stuttering

ADHD affects anywhere from 3 to 7% of children in the United States and recent research indicates that as many as 26% of these children also stutter. (medicalnewstoday.com)

This site goes on to say that it is believed that some medications used to treat ADHD may actually aggravate stuttering. Non-stimulant medications, such as Strattera, are more apt to be prescribed to children who have been diagnosed with ADHD and who also stutter. The Stuttering Foundation has compiled a printable brochure on this very topic.

Joseph Donaher, M.A., of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia also offers five tips for parents whose children have ADHD and who stutter:

1. Keep instructions simple and clear and have the child repeat them back. Have a consistent organized schedule.

2. Increase activities where the child must concentrate and focus and cut back on activities that promote aggressive or impulsive behavior as do some television programs.

3. Use frequent praise to keep the child motivated and interested.

4. Provide visual cues and concrete examples to help the child better understand and retain information.

5. Use good speaking habits yourself such as keeping eye contact and using a easy relaxed rate.


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