Jun 13, 2007

From Emotions to Advocacy

If you've ever attended an IEP meeting, you know how easy it is to become emotional. After all, the "student" you are there to advocate for also happens to be your child! However, in order to be considered an equal with the other professionals at an IEP meeting, you need to keep your emotions in check. Authors Pete and Pam Wright have written a book entitled From Emotions to Advocacy to help you do that very thing. According to Lisa at Ideal Lives (they are currently having server problems, but keep checking back) here are a few of the books pluses:

  • It's chock full of great information.
  • It gives you a step by step blue-print that any advocate can follow.

  • It's written with Pete & Pam's wonderful combination of practicality, humor & wisdom.

  • The information is presented in a clear and concise format.

  • It's filled with tips, tricks, and techniques and an immense wealth of resources, from Internet sites about disabilities to advocacy organizations to worksheets, forms, and sample letters.

  • It explains the importance of testing, and what the results tell us.

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