Jun 15, 2007

Summer Reading Tips

Summer is for fun, right? Well, as far as your dyslexic child is concerned, it should be fun mixed with a little reading and learning. My ADHD/LD son has not been diagnosed with dyslexia but he does struggle with reading. So, this summer he is reading as many books as possible. He and I sat down and came up with his "Summer Reading Goals." If he reads ten books, he gets to invite a friend to the pool. If he reads 20, he gets a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, etc. The books he is reading are not chapter books as that would be too much for him at this point. He reads Arthur, Magic School Bus, Spongebob, etc. They are fairly short and he is able to complete each in one setting. So far this is working wonderfully. For more summer reading trips go to LDonline and read their article "Strategies for Summer Reading for Children with Dyslexia." They offer an abundance of strategies for getting your child to read.


  1. Check out your local Library ... many have "summer reading program". These programs (offen) provide small prizes/incentives on reading a set number of books.

  2. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for commenting, anonymous.


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