Jun 14, 2007

ADHD Simulation

Have you ever wondered how outside distractions affect your ADHD child? Well, now you have a chance to find out first hand. Braden Davis, Ed.S. of ADHD Simulation has created a CD that mimics these distractions. The distractions are intentionally exaggerated so the non-ADHDer will fill the effects just as an ADHD does. The CD also comes with an information booklet and instructions. The listener is required to listen to the CD and and the accompanying series of commands while completing tasks in the booklet. Wouldn't this be a wonderful training tool for teachers? They could learn what it truly feels like to have ADHD. The CD and materials are available through the ADHD Simulation website for $19.95 plus shipping. You can read a personal product review at About.com.

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  1. Hi Shane!

    I came to your site via Christian Women Online. (If you have a statcounter, I'm at least one of the Taiwan flags.) I am also a Special Needs teacher. I can't tell you how good it is to see you put these things together for other parents. The more info that gets out there, the better!

    I want to ask if you have researched visual spatial learners. The reason that I ask, is that according to the information I have found, most children with ADD, ADHD and even Dyslexia are visual spatial learners. (This is different from visual learners.) In working with kids who are ADD or ADHD, I have found that when I use visual/spatial teaching techniques, the ADD and ADHD kids really shine. They have amazing abilities that you can tap into to help them in the classroom. It can also help give you more specific advice or examples to his teacher. Dr. Linda Silverman is a good place to start. :) I hope this helps...When I give the information to parents, they truly become excited about their child's future, and see their child in a whole new way!

    I think DiVinci had to be ADHD. Really. :)


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