Jul 23, 2007

Can Preschoolers be Diagnosed with ADHD?

I recently received an email from Susan Caughman, Editor-in-Chief of ADDitude magazine. She was kind enough to extend an invitation to you (the readers of this blog) to view a sneak preview of a special report on diagnosing and treating attention deficit disorder in preschoolers. This article will be featured in the upcoming issue of ADDitude magazine which will go on sale in early August. Luckily, you don't have to wait until then. Here is an excerpt from the acrticle:

Is it possible to diagnose children with attention deficit disorder when impulsivity, opposition, and extreme activity are normal preschool behaviors? Yes, but the tipping point in diagnosis is usually a matter of degree. “Children with ADHD are much more extreme than the average three-year-old,” says Alan Rosenblatt, M.D., a specialist in neurodevelopmental pediatrics.

You can read the complete article entitled "Preschoolers and Attention Deficit Disorder" on ADDitude magazine's website. Thank you, Ms. Caughman, for giving my reader's this sneak peak. And, as always, I look forward to receiving my ADDitude magazine in the mail and reading it from cover to cover. If you are not a current subscriber I encourage you to consider it. This is one magazine that I actually look forward to receiving. It is always jam packed with informative information, article and tips. To learn more go to their subscription page. They also offer a wonderful resource online at their website free of charge.

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