Jul 3, 2007

Tough Love Support Group for Parents

TOUGHLOVE is a behavior modification program for parents. It teaches parents how to change their behaviors in order to effect positive change in their kids.

The program was started in 1979 by David and Phyllis York, both trained family therapists and substance abuse counselors. This is how the ToughLove website describes whats it's all about:

T Taking a Stand with a can-do attitude
O Owning accountability and responsibility for the decisions we make
U Understanding the problems
G Getting support to achieve our commitments and goals
H Helping others in a professional and standardized fashion
L Listening with respect for diversity and thus learning new behaviors
O Organizing support for the community
V Very strong feelings that we learn to manage
E Every week a new Bottom Line to achieve our Stand


  1. The link for the toughlove website is not valid anymore.

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know. I have just fixed the links. Hope they hlep you.

  3. Could you share the site for tough love for the USA? the link connects to australia.

  4. Unfortunately there is not a chapter of "Tough Love" in the United States. However, according to their website, they are more than happy to help someone start one! For more information follow this link: http://www.toughlove.org.au/start_a_group.htm

    Let me know if you do!!


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