Jul 5, 2007

Visual Spatial Learners & LD, ADHD

Illustrated by Buck Jones, 2002. All rights reserved.

Does your ADHD/LD child learn differently than other children? Mine sure does. I knew conventional teaching was not working for him. He just wasn't "getting" what the teacher was trying to teach him. After doing a little researching, I figured out that he is a visual-spatial learner.
Visual-spatial learners think in pictures rather than in words. They learn better visually than auditorally. They learn all-at-once, and when the light bulb goes on, the learning is permanent. They do not learn from repetition and drill. They are whole-part learners who need to see the big picture first before they learn the details. They are non-sequential, which means that they do not learn in the step-by-step manner in which most teachers teach. They arrive at correct solutions without taking steps, so “show your work” may be impossible for them.

This definition described him perfectly. It was so much easier for him to learn once we discovered how best to teach him. Do you have a visual-spatial child? VisualSpatial.org can help you find out.

  • Does your child remember what is seen but forget what is heard?
  • Does your child have a vivid imagination?Can your child visualize objects from multiple perspectives?
  • Does your child enjoy solving puzzles and mazes?
  • Would your child rather spend the day with a new box of LEGOs than do nearly anything else in the world?

They also offer a simple quiz that will help determine if your child is a visual-spatial learner. This quiz made it abundantly clear that my son was definitely a v-s learner! This site also offers tons of other resources including books for and about visual-spatial learners.

Here are a few other resources to help you learn more about this subject:

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