Jan 22, 2008

Baseball & ADHD?

Do you have a son.....or for that matter, a daughter.........who has ADHD and is also a baseball fan? If you answered yes, then do I have a story for you! Adam LaRoche and Tom Gorzelanny both play for the Pittsburgh Pirates and both also have ADHD. Their stories are quite inspiring and may give your ADHD child a much needed boost. To read all about them and two other MLB players with the disorder go to USA Today. They discuss their use of ADHD medications, how the disorder affects their playing and much more. Enjoy!

Photo by Jeff Swensen for USA TODAY


  1. It is troubling that you refer to a child with ADHD by the label (ADHDer). Personally, I find it insulting to be called a label & it is not much better than being called dummy or stupid. Obviously, you provide a wealth of information but the language you use is troubling. Changing attitudes is very important for providing acceptance of people with learning disabilities. This change must start with us first.

  2. I certainly that hope that you and my other readers know that I in know way ever intend to refer to a person with ADHD in a negative way. I have come to terms with my sons diagnosis and I do not see "ADHDer" as a label. I see it as a fact. He does have ADHD. However, his having ADHD does not define him it is merely one of his traits, such as his being tall, dark haired, etc. I can appreciate your comment and hope that you will continue to frequent my blog. Please feel free to continue commenting as well, I enjoy reading what you have to say.


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