Jan 8, 2008

Worksheets for Home Use

My ADHD/LD son struggled in school. He always has and, more than likely, always will. I explained long ago that he has to work extra hard to keep up with his classmates. Therefore, he is quite accustomed to doing a little extra work at home that reinforces what he is learning at school. I have purchased numerous workbooks and books for this purpose. I also find a lot of useful worksheets on the Internet for free! I want to share a few of the sites I frequent in case your child needs some extra help also.


  1. Hey again, Shane,

    Thanks for the comments! I really do appreciate the feedback.

    I'll definitely add your blog to my RSS feed. Even the topics related to youth ADHD are good for me to learn about, especially since I want to be in a position to advocate for other ADHD people.

    BTW, for anyone without an RSS reader, I highly recommend Google Reader -- makes tracking other blogs a breeze.

  2. Thanks for the sites you posted! They look great and will be helpful with my other sons as well.


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