Mar 23, 2008

Have you heard about this bullying game?

Bully: Scholarship Edition features a shaven-headed teenager who adjusts to life at a new boarding school by harassing others. The abuse includes dunking pupils' heads in toilets, photographing them naked and physically assaulting them. Teachers are also targeted. --The Globe and Mail

This is just unbelievable. In today's world, with so much school violence, why would the creators of this game want to glorify this kind of activity? I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear the following:

A coalition of groups representing four million teachers in several countries, including Canada, is urging retailers to refuse to sell a controversial video game about school bullying. -- The Globe and Mail

What's even worse is this is the second game in the Bully installment. The first game simply titled Bully was released in October 2006. This game won several awards including IGN's award for Best PlayStation 2 Action Game. What is wrong with this world? Glorifying and rewarding bullying behavior in impressionable children? The game is rated "T" for Teen and the newest installment's rating is still pending. However, we all know that the likelihood of younger children being exposed to them is probably quite good. Please be aware of these games and make your children aware as well. I know you do not have to be encouraged to also stress your disapproval for them. For even more information, visit Wikipedia.

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