Mar 2, 2008

Tips for an IEP/504 Meeting

Going into an IEP or 504 meeting can be intimidating if you aren't prepared. Below are a few tips to help you prepare that I recently read.

  • Do your Research! Go to the public library or call your state's Parenting Training and Information Center for suggestions, advice and information.
  • Nobody should be developing your child's IEP or Section 504 without you! If this happens, do not sign anything and tell them you want to schedule a meeting to help develop this plan.
  • If you aren't satisfied at the end of the meeting, ask for another meeting.
  • Bring a tape recorder to meeting. Tell them that you are going to bring one. If they say you can't, ask them to provide you with documentation that prohibits tape recorders. Tell them you will make copies for them. The reason for a tape recorder is to allow you to go over meeting at a later time. These meetings can be stressful.
  • A few days before a meeting, make a list of everything you want to discuss and make copies for everyone. If you can't get to everything on your list, request a second meeting to do so.
  • Bring an advocate that knows the ins and out of Special Education if possible.
  • The night before a meeting, put everything you want to bring in a folder.
  • If you do not understand something that is being said, do not hesitate to interrupt and ask it to be explained to you. Don't leave the meeting confused.
  • You can request that specific people be at this meeting and if they have confirmed and dropped out at the last minute, ask to reschedule meeting.
  • Go to the meeting prepared and with a positive attitude. Show them that you are more than willing to work with them and that you want them to work with you. After all it's about your child.
  • Make a list of what works for your child. Have it added to the IEP or Section 504 Plan. Do not sign until it's added.
  • If you feel the plan isn't being met, remind the teachers to read the plan. You can also make a copy of what is in the plan and put it in your child's binder. Let the teachers know it will be there for their review.
  • Keep in touch with teachers. Call them, write notes or letters. If you are concerned about anything, request a meeting.

Just remember not to go into the meeting expecting the worst. Go in prepared with the knowledge you have obtained and advocate for you child. You are an equal participant in an IEP/504 meeting. You have every right to make suggestions, modifications, etc. as you see necessary. Also, I highly encourage you create a resource notebook. You find it will be an invaluable tool on your journey.

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  1. 504 is not the same as special education. The idea of a notebook with all of your paper work is great. The teachers will have a file with all paperwork.


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