May 21, 2006

Creating a Resource Notebook

A while back I read an article at that has really helped me get organized. I have so many papers concerning my son's ADHD and LD's. Letters from teachers, IEP meetings, actual IEP's, contacts, etc. were all over my desk. I didn't really know how to get them all organized...until I read the article that is. It is entitled "Organizing a Notebook for LD and AD/HD Records and Resources." The author, Robbie Fanning, outlines exactly how to organize your notebook (3 ring binder) in six, easy to follow steps. My binder has become an invaluable resource. Anytime I need a phone number, paper, information, etc. all I need to do is reach for my notebook. Of course it's my constant companion at teacher conferences and IEP meetings too. The teacher's are always amazed at how organized I am. I think they're truly impressed that I'm so concerned with my son's education and well being that I have all of this information right at my fingertips any time they request it. Thanks, so much for the article, Robbie Fanning!

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