Jun 4, 2008

ADHD Medication & Summer

Some parents feel that it is necessary to give their child a break from the daily routine of taking medication during the summer. They feel that since their ADHD child does not have to concentrate and sit still in a classroom, there is no need for their medication. I can certainly see how this may be the case for children with mild ADHD. If paying attention and sitting still are the child's only negative symptoms of ADHD, then sure....take a break (if your child's doctor approves). However, my eleven year old ADHD son never takes a medication break. His symptoms reach farther than following rules at school. In fact, he will tell you that he feels better when he takes his three daily does of Focalin (10mg each).

His medication helps him get along with and "tolerate" his younger brother better. It also enables him to control his impulses and temper. And, since he has absolutely no negative side effects from the medication, I certainly do not feel like a "break" would benefit him in the least. As a matter of fact, I feel like it was do the opposite. Without his medication he is a different child. He is very emotional, angers easily and is impulsive with the Focalin. Of course the medication also helps him concentrate which enables him to complete the one worksheet a day I give him during the summer to maintain his reading, spelling and math skills.

So, what do you think? What are your plans for your child's ADHD medication regime this summer? I invite you to voice your opinion by taking this super short, one question poll.


  1. Our DS will maintain his meds aver the summer. He takes Focalin (10mg) 2x and Stratera at bed.
    Our DD will need new meds this summer. Hers were off so we started over a few weeks back and the new med (concerta 36) is not right either. We will use the summer to find what is right so that hopefully we will be ready for next year. Is your focalin extended release? what times of day does your doc have him take it?

  2. Hi ADDAmy! My son does not take Focalin XR. It wasn't lasting through the entire day. He takes 10mg, 3 times a day....7:00am, noon and 4:30pm. He ususally does not even need the last dose unless he is going to tutoring or another activity that would require concentration. He took Strattera for about a year and it suddenly just stopped working. He's been on the Focalin for about 2 1/2 years and we love it.

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