Sep 5, 2008

Learning Disabilities Screening Quiz

I subscribe to several newsletters that offers. The following information came in the pediatrics newsletter that I receive weekly.

According to the NICHCY, "as many as 1 out of every 5 people in the United States has a learning disability," but "there is no one sign that shows a person has a learning disability. Experts look for a noticeable difference between how well a child does in school and how well he or she could do, given his or her intelligence or ability. There are also certain clues that may mean a child has a learning disability."

Most of these clues "relate to elementary school tasks, because learning disabilities tend to be identified in elementary school. A child probably won't show all of these signs, or even most of them. However, if a child shows a number of these problems, then parents and the teacher should consider the possibility that the child has a learning disability."

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