Sep 4, 2008

Support for ADHD/LD Parents

Being the parent of an ADHD/LD child can be difficult, confusing and just plain old hard at times. The medical lingo can be confusing. The overload of papers and forms to complete can be overwhelming. Learning your way around the maze of special education can also seem quite daunting. You are not the only parent to face these challenges and certainly aren't the only parent of an ADHD/LD child to have these feelings. There are many, many others just like you and they can help.

Family and friends are a great support system. However, you will also benefit greatly from a network of parents who have been there and done that. People who can truly understand your frustrations and will glady revel in your triumphs. You can find this support in a mirad of ways.

First, I would suggest looking locally. Are there any local ADHD/LD support groups in your area? Is there a local CHADD group or maybe a group at your child's school? If not, you could think about starting one and filling this community need. Many churches and schools will allow you to use their facilities free of charge.

Secondly, reach out to other parents on the national and international levels. You can find support groups online. There are also ADHD/LD related message boards that you may find helpful and want to join as well.

There are also thousands of websites and blogs that offer ADHD/LD resources, knowledge and support. It's a good idea to bookmark them and return often. You will be amazed at the information you will find on these sites.

Lastly, books are a good source fo support. You can read other's parents stories and learn how they got through this and how they handled that. Getting advice from someone who has been in the trenches and survived is always beneficial.

What ever you do, please do not try to go through this journey alone. Support systems are there, you only need to tap into them and utilize their services. You will find your load seems a little lighter when someone else is helping you carrying it.


  1. Thanks for the great article and support for parents. I wanted to let you know that I have included this article in "What We Are Reading" on

  2. I would love to find a support group in the guelph area my son is a teen who was diagnoised at grade 3 his father does not belive it and niether do his parents a nd family so I have the support of one friend who child is also adhd since turning 15 my son has given me quite a hard time i feel all alone like a single parent and now it is strting to affect my mental and physical health any suggestion would be appreciated

  3. Hi I'm very new at this my daughter has been struggling with this and not being diagnosed.She is only 5 years old.But I've always seen a problem .She's starting to take ritalin I'm so afraid of that drug.She has been diagnosed by a doctor as of today.very very nervous!!!


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