Mar 10, 2009

Collision of Fourth Grader, by Eric McGehearty

LD Online has a wonderfully inspiring story about Eric McGehearty that is simply a must read for anyone affected by learning disabilities, especially dyslexia.

Eric is an artist who has "profound dyslexia." In the story, Finding Your Voice, he describes what it was like to grow up with this learning disability.

I learned that if having a broken arm wasn't going to stop me in art class, my dyslexia wasn't going to stop me in Life.

Now, as an adult, he is using his artistic abilities to create sculptures and pictures that "show what it's like to have dyslexia and reading challenges."

I promise his story will inspire you!

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  1. Below is an email I received from Eric...


    Thank you so much for your support. Here is my website I hope your son enjoys looking at the artwork.


    Eric McGehearty


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