Mar 12, 2009

My ADHD/LD Son is Thriving at his Title 1 School

Prior to moving to Virginia in December 2007, my ADHD/LD son attended a brand new $11 million school. It was state-of-the-art with all of the bells and whistles. Even though the lights turned on automatically when entering a room, the special education services were lacking to say the least. Yes, the school made adequate yearly progress each year, but that did not benefit my son in the least.

He had an IEP, which was rarely followed by his teachers. He saw the resource teacher for two hours each day but continued to stay well below grade level in every subject. He felt like an outsider and was well aware that he was "different."

Since moving to Virginia, his entire school experience has completely changed. The school he attends now is a Title 1 school.....

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  1. I think this a very good topic. He should still receive the same things. I do understand your concern, and if he is not, then maybe the school board may be able to explain to you why. All schools dont have all the same services. I wish you guys the best of luck. If you have time, please be certain to view my or follow me on twitter at

    Proud Mom

  2. II do believe that ADD and ADHD are real behavioral and mental problems we face in our society - however i also believe that our children are labeled and behave as such.

    Parents that for whatever reason cannot control their children need an excuse for it and the children are the ones to receive the blame.

    It is sad, as a psychologist I see so many cases where t eh parents need treatment not the children!!

    Doctors also should refrain to prescribe "strong" medicament to children without extensive tests.

    I do feel for parents as children who are really suffering out there, in silence without help.

    Thanks for reading Marina

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